Wednesday, September 22, 2010


Boys will be boys.  
This shoot was supposed to be focused on Little C but I definitely got more shots of Big C.
Turns out shooting a 3 year old is much easier than "trying" to shoot a 19 month old.

I finally get them to pose together and these are the faces I get...really?!?
That's what I get for trying to do these without Daddy!

The only time I could capture a smile was when he was tackling his brother...go figure!


Allie said...

Hey Cassi! its allison Mcgrew from our ward in provo! how are you?!! I was randomly looking at peoples blogs and saw yours and your photography blog your awesome! I love your pictures! I was wondering if you could answer a question for me about dslr's. i have a canon dslr i just use it for my family pictures but I have a hard time finding a lens that I really like. I have a zoom lens and the basic one that came with my camera. I'm just wondering what your favorite lens is especially for family pictures. Thanks so much! And again you're an amazing photographer!!

Chasing Izzy said...

I LOVE that goofy-faced black & white of your 3 yr old. He's like "um... now what?"